the haunted gingerbread mansion.

by anne laney on November 1, 2010

this took me way longer than it should have. the house itself was difficult to put together (the roof sections then the porch). though because it rained last weekend my gingerbread pieces became extremely soft. i had to keep re-baking them to get them to harden up again. i started to lose interest in it when it became to difficult to finish. wouldn’t you know it though a few days after the rain the air became super dry (as my nose can surely tell), the gingerbread hardened up once again! then i tried making cute iron fences for the house. i spent hours making them. letting them dry overnight. when morning came around i realized the royal icing (which should be rock hard) crumbled to pieces! later found out the black tint thins out the icing. i used wilton gels and i am starting to think they aren’t that great. i am on the market for a higher quality tint. i have to use A TON of tint from wilton to get the color i am desiring (not just with black). anyone know of any other kind that is better? ultimate gingerbread (great resource if you are wanting to learn how to build gingerbread houses, complete with a gallery!. she has a facebook too!), recommended i use spaghetti noodles dipped in black royal icing to re-enforce the fence. great idea and i would have done it had i not run out of time. i finished the house late halloween afternoon so… yeah. i was cutting it close. but at least i finished IT! right? riight?! oh and i also learned how to re-enforce gingerbread for humidity. spread a thin layer of royal icing on the inside (backside of the gingerbread). live and learn i always say. the haunted house gingerbread pattern is free from this site. he also has a gallery of other people who have used the pattern if you are looking for inspiration this christmas, (the house makes a great christmas house too).

as for decorating. it wasn’t really what i envisioned. but overall i really liked how it turned out. i wish i had used dark brown icing to blend in with the gingerbread. i realized it was white AFTER i started gluing it together. ::head desk::

i made the foam to fit our nook in our entry way.

i added some LED tea lights in the inside (holes on the bottom made it easy for me to place them inside the house). i then put some tea lights behind the house and ghost to highlight for a silhouette.

one more halloween post later. now i have to go to my endo appointment where my doctor will (once again) tell me how fat i am (he says it in a “i care about your health” way while trying to push some kind of pill to help me. which i actually might take this time around). he’s a great doctor. i know it sounds like he isn’t but he is one of those doctors who actually cares about your health. not just about the money. but i HATE hearing the truth!

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1 Linda November 1, 2010 at 11:08 pm

Schatzi, simply awsome…love it


2 Carlee Ross November 7, 2010 at 4:16 am

ok you’ve totally got me inspired to make a gingerbread house for our entry way for christmas! Hopefully I’ll get it done :-)


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